RewardMe is a Social CRM for the franchise restaurant industry.

What we do

1. Capture customer data at POS

RewardMe tablet at Mooyah

RewardMe captures the following customer data:

  1. Phone number
  2. Dollars spent
  3. Items purchased
  4. Timestamp

2. Understand micro-level customer detail

real-time intelligent customer dashboard

RewardMe Business Intelligence provides a detailed customer-data dashboard:

  1. Understand customer preferences and purchase behavior
  2. Segment repeat vs new customers
  3. Filter through customer demographics

3. Influence customer behavior

RewardMe customer influence

Customer data is only half the battle.  It’s important to use the data to accomplish the following:
  1. Drive lost customers back to the store
  2. Personalize email and text messages
  3. Incentivize action via rewards


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